Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New AES+F Video. :D

have only watched once so far, and it took me about 10 views of their last riot video (2007) to form a valid opinion, so will watch again later, but on first view, REALLY love it. Surreal and critiquing society and.. yay! I want a budget to make works like this...

Ok, so I've watched the whole thing through a couple of times now, and still really like it. There are so many subtle references to so much, that even though it's 30 minutes long you have to concentrate on it hard to pick things up. Each time I watch it I notice new things. I like that they're still using art historical references, there are a few deposition poses in their, and the lifting of the cross(surfboard in this case), as well as the three graces and various other things.
The racial stereotypes  and their tension filled slowmotion interactions are also very effective. The animation is much smother than Last riot was, and it's much nicer to watch - the colours are so rich. The whole thing speaks aboutexcess and consumerism, international travel, and exploitation and racial division/coinhabition.
It's interesting on a lot of levels, and entertaining to watch.

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