Thursday, October 1, 2009

Glass and Sarjeant Review Openings

The work in the glass show was really varied, both in skill level and concept. It's very interesting seeing work that is primarily conceptual displayed alongside work which is primarily technical. I think glass needs both in order to stand alone - some of the works displayed worked well as part of the group show because the show carried the context, without the show, it would become merely decorative. Other works had great concepts but the execution was not quite polished. Although, that's from a fine arts point of view.

The review was, as always, an interesting mix of artworks. Very pleased the sculpture department did so well: tutor Brit Bunkley took the open award, Kate Walker got the student prize and both Tom Turner and I got highly commended awards. So that was pretty sweet.

I particularly liked the 'Artistic Block', the artist's name escapes me. But I thought that was a nice bit of conceputal humour. It was good to see lots of student work in there, and it was good that the space was limited this year: less work meant higher overall quality (IMHO).
Good that the ceremony was as short and sweet as they could make it, too.

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