Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bill Culbert Opening @ the Sarjeant Gallery

In the speeches they spoke about this piece. Which I really like. I think it's a beautiful photograph, and there's a subtlety about it which appeals to me.

A web search for Bill Culbert + light sculptures produces MANY hits, and lots of them are like this one, simple, yet very effective.

So it was exciting to be going to a Bill Culbert exhibition opening.

From outside the dome, looking in, from each perspective, the Wanganui 180Degrees installation is like this, the seemingly simple structure of lights, composed perfectly to change your perception of the space. Inside the dome, it was another story. I felt like I was being patronised as a viewer in a local gallery. Here's photos of your place, it's specific to you, you can relate to it. I related to it without the photos! and I'm sure most people would. It just felt like over kill. I didn't really respond to any of them, particularly the vista of Wanganui. I know they were in pairs, and hung on their sides, but it just didn't do it for me. I wanted to like it, to be wowed. I know that I wasn't the only one there who felt the same way; spoke to a few people that also made similar comments.

It was an interesting experience though, there were not many students, mostly the Art-elite of Wanganui and surrounding regions, which made for a more formal environment than I'm used to at openings. All in all, only slightly anticlimatical.

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