Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Ideas a-brewin'

So I have an idea, that I want to pursue. Of course, the specifics of new ideas are something you keep quiet about until you've made the art work! Having said that...
this site has some relevance...

Of course first year sculpture wouldn't have been first year sculpture without our

Andy Goldsworthy - Icicle Star

His style isn't what I'm after.. but it's a starting point. The temporary, ephemeral nature of his sculptures is also something that I find appealing. There's a poetry in it, nature is allowed to follow its course, even though this means the destruction of the work.

What I have in mind is something a bit more politically charged and related to the work I'm creating for Waiora/Intersect*

Mark Jenkins - Storker Project
It's also related on a completely different level to the work of Mark Jenkins**, which I love! It's so playful and cute without being 'cutesy' on a kitsch level.
Anyway, that'll do for now at least.

*Waiora art competition entry is a display fridge filled with baby bottles full of dirty water.
**Mark Jenkins is an artists I've known about for ages, and was linked to through a friend who found his page and thought of me.

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