Monday, March 21, 2011

Crit: 18 Feb 2011 + Supervision meeting: 23 Feb 2011

Object for crit: 1905 franked postcard of the Franz Josef Glacier.

Cold Reading:
  • souvenir
  • remote glacier
  • poetic message
  • mystery
  • quality of print
  • redundancy of form of communication
  • object of rich history
  • sentimental
  • scale in the landscape
  • old images/static images blocking perception of climate change
  • glaciers melting around the world
  •  strange notion of buying someone else's history
  • multi layering
  • aspects of science
  • discovering scientific information in an art forum
  • relation to older image 
  • contrasting with ideal pictures
  • living/talking glaciers
  • sound outcome
  • environmental shock
  • social studies aspects
  • evidence 
  • intriguing mystery
  • is seeing believing?
  • constructed viewpoints
  • what is the thesis of the work?
  • constructed evidence
  • natural identity is complacent hindering our change to actually 'being green' 
  • artists potentially more free to respond/create as they wish
  • people don't want to know
  • mediated perceptions keep us in a state of unconsciousness
  • would consciousness create panic? vitalise action?
  • constructing the truth
  • tied back to capitalism
  • systems of value
  • Eco-friendly tourism ventures on climate affected landscapes ironic
  • notion of time as leisure 
  • sublime - needing to be overwhelmed by landscape
  • working on a memory differently
Look up:

Supervision meeting:

  • Collaboration needs written permission, incl. conditions of exhibition/terms of use etc.
  • Paul Winstanley - tourist landscape
  • Wolfgang Staehle
  • Fiona Clark - Taranaki vista
  • Andrea Polli
  • Live data - what is the value?
  • What is the purpose of layers of conversion of data?
  • What is the main thing that you hope to achieve?
  • Check new media discourse - sci/art discourse
  • trans media
  • AV festival
  • electronic arts
  • Why do it?
  • Who else is doing it?
  • Cost webcam hosting etc - potentially do a basic version for MFA and approach CNZ post MFA
  • Strategic functions
  • what kind of representations will result
  • investigate potential final material frameworks
  • investigate implications/issues around imaging and data conversion in projects.
  • potential losses: formal reduction - pure aesthetic - loss of communication/or ambiguity vs straight communication - very political, telling people how to think... 
  • Stella Brennan (fake sonar)
Deciding what interests you in:
Art, photography, grand narratives, particular geographies, climate change etc. Narrow down what you want to focus on and have a clear aim before returning to glacier.

Look up Lawrence Aberhart and Mark Adam (Written on by Nicholas Butler). Francis Pound as well re: NZ pristine.

Hans Haake - River cleaning work

Narrowing potential - edit academic area of concern

A science discourse or a broader, popularised discourse?

Talk to Joyce Campbell

Think about potentially relating this project to other geographies. It could result in an output of only a few components.

Postcards at: Venice Biennale: Arsenale – Aleksandra Mir

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