Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big city living

So we've moved to Auckland to study up here. I got into the BFA(Hons) stream at Elam, and there are several PhD opportunities that Becca is considering.

Rather stressful finding out the day before orientation that I was accepted, still am not officially enrolled, but never mind. In the Auckland City Library, taking advantage of free intarwebs to do some much needed research/catching up on reading. I also signed up and found some neat books on Still Life to take home and peruse.

Have just read James Lovelock's - Gaia - the revised edition - originally published in 1979, as a precursor to reading is 2007 book The Revenge of Gaia. I quite like the idea of a planetary ecosystem that self regulates, and in the 30 odd years since it's publication a lot of the hypothesis have been proven, so it will be interesting to read the next installment.

Also have just begun reading Jared Diamond's Collapse. This man can write! It's much easier to read than the Gaia was initially, although I'm coping.

Still working out what I want to do this year. Have stated in proposal a continued exploration and refinement of similar themes from last year, mainly altering things so they atrophy or disintergrate or whatever. I've been throwing ideas around, admittedly mostly in my head, about the nature of said "things". I think I'm ready to readdress the apple concept in depth as well as looking at how to expand that to other 'still life' objects.
Still life books are helpful. Have been considering the modernisation of this genre and the vanitas genre and have several ideas. Also found a good book on Sam Taylor Wood. Am increasinly aware that a lot of my art for the foreseable future seems to be centering around digital prints (manipulated or otherwise) and I'm fine with that. I just have to begin processes now, so that I can refine them for the end of the year.

Am going to an Anthony McCall talk tonight, assuming I can get in (it's free, and I assume will be popular). I remember studying his light cones in second year when I was working with shadows, so it will definitely be interesting. Also in the next few weeks there are a more artist talks, like Cornelia Parker, next Thursday, which I definitely want to attend.

I miss Quay School people, but am feeling challenged already, so hopefully more growth will occur than if I stayed within my comfort zone. It's interesting being an unknown quantity at a new place. I'm not sure how I measure up to my peers doing PGDip and Hons, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough.
I managed to get into the programme without one single interview, which means I haven't really had a chance to ask questions yet... but there's definitely time for that.

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