Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nick Smith the Shit....

"A cow manure bust of New Zealand’s agricultural minister Nick Smith recently sold for NZ$3,080 (US$2,233) on an online auction site.
Canterbury artist and activist Sam Mahon created the bust in a bid to raise awareness about Smith’s inactivity on protecting New Zealand waters from pollution caused from agricultural practices – hence the use of cow manure.
The piece, entitled, “Nick Smith in the Shit…” represents the artist’s feeling towards the minister according to New Zealand's The Press.
To create the artwork, cow manure was collected from an organic farm in Waikari, mixed with a resin for preservation, pressed into a mold and finished with beeswax. The sculptor describes his work as “…light and hollow and highly polished. It sits on a steel stand slightly right of centre.”" from greenmuze.com

Well it's about time New Zealand artists started looking at how much our favourite industries are damaging the planet... although I really like this piece it's not as good as it could be; it's too much like hate mail directed to only one person, when the issue needs to be addressed  by many.

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